Business Writing Resources

Choose from a suite of workplace writing resources including Write for Business, Write for Work, Writing Effective Email, and more. Each resource targets different types of writing required in the workplace. These resources come to you from Thoughtful Learning, which has tested them in companies, government agencies, colleges, and technical schools across the country.

  • Write for Business
978-1-932436-32-7, 978-1-932436-33-4

Write for Business is a concise writing handbook that teaches the communication skills needed for success on the job. You'll discover strategies for writing effective emails, memos, résumés, letters, reports, proposals, instructions, policies, procedures, and much more. You'll find guidelines for writing each form, exemplary models, and checklists for revising and refining.

  • Write for Work

Write for Workis a practical guide to workplace writing and grammar, designed specifically for students in one- or two-year programs. This work-text uses the “Company” approach. At the beginning of the book, students profile a company they would like to work for. Then, as they work through the book, students write as employees of the companies they profiled. That way, nursing students write about nursing and welding students about welding.

  • Write for Work Instructor’s Edition

Looking for a program to prepare your students to find jobs, thrive in their workplaces, and advance on their career paths? Look no further than Write for Work!

  • Business and Sales Correspondence

Where can you get quick help with writing an e-mail? What's the best business-letter format for your current task? Business and Sales Correspondence can teach you to get the most out of your business correspondence. This book shows you how to do the following:

  • Writing Effective E-Mail

The team that developed Writing Effective E-Mail polled businesspeople about their experience with e-mail. Here are some of their responses: