Authentic Writing Instruction

Authentic Writing

Writing is like weightlifting. You can't improve unless you actually do it.

That's why every Write for Business Course features authentic writing—sentences, paragraphs, and even documents that you compose about your own workplace. You won't just answer multiple-choice questions about writing strategies but actually use those strategies to write about topics you deal with daily.

You'll also get mentoring feedback with correct answers and example responses to compare against your own. Review the feedback even when you get the answer right! You'll gain deeper understanding and new insights. You might even be inspired to revise your writing or fix your answers. Those opportunities improve your learning.

Doesn't this "open-book" approach let me get everything right?

If you put in the effort, yes—but isn't that the point? These aren't "gotcha" courses with lots of red ink—which actually shut down learning. Rather, these are courses that give you many chances to write, revise, reflect, and learn.

Every Write for Business Course measures your learning in an objective post-assessment, but more important still is the writing you do during the course. After all, true success isn't a certificate that says you can effectively communicate in your workplace. True success is effective communication!

How will I keep my skills sharp?

You have lifetime access to every Course you take. Brush up on a skill anytime you want! Each Course also teaches you to use the free online Write for Business Guide to answer all of your workplace writing questions. And you can receive eTips delivered free in your inbox every week. You'll get helpful strategies, clear explanations, insightful examples, and more opportunities to practice authentic writing. Instead of a "one-and-done" approach, Write for Business remains at your side on the job, helping you combat the forgetting curve that plagues traditional courses.

Will some users try to "game the system"? Sure. But they only cheat themselves of the chance to truly improve. Instead, treat these resources like a lifetime gym membership. Lift those weights and build your writing muscles. You'll be glad you did!