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Turn Soft Skills into a Competitive Advantage with Write for Business

Steps to Success

The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) identified HR's “hard challenge” with “soft skills”:

“Soft skills—which are needed to effectively communicate, problem-solve, collaborate and organize—are becoming more important for success as the workplace evolves socially and technologically. The rub is that recruiters and employment experts report a ‘soft skills gap,’ especially among young workers more accustomed to texting than talking, that forces organizations to hire many candidates who fall short on interpersonal abilities.”

Write for Business Courses train employees in writing, critical thinking, and problem solving. Combined with weekly eTips and the always-available reference Guide, Write for Business offers unique and lasting value to forward-looking companies and teams.

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Find out why workers should care about their writing and why you can trust Write for Business. You can also check out the research basis for our materials.

How can Courses improve my employees' "soft skills"?

I want to improve my team’s writing.

Discover affordable, effective online courses for writing and communicating.

Write for Business Courses teach writing and communication online and on-demand. Participants read instruction, watch videos, complete activities, take quizzes, and measure their learning in pre- and post-assessments—all at their own pace. You can see their overall progress or drill down to individual responses. And you can brand the courses with your institution's name and logo. Participants who successfully complete a course receive certification with your branding and the CEUs earned.

Evaluate the first course for free just by signing up. visiting your Library. Then check out the other courses, progressing from basic grammar to advanced communication:

This leveled set of courses accommodates a wide range of job functions. For only $59.95 per course, elevate your team's internal and external communication, critical thinking, and problem solving skills; and improve your bottom line. Want to learn more? Take a Course walkthrough.

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How do eTips provide free, ongoing instruction to my team?

I need weekly writing support for employees.

Get free strategies and activities to improve your team’s writing.

You can also help your employees retain their learning and gain new skills by having them subscribe to free, weekly eTips. They learn practical strategies for communication, complete engaging activities, and apply their new skills immediately to the writing they do in your workplace.

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How can the Guide support my employees' communication?

I need a style guide for my team.

Check out a free, online handbook for workplace writing.

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  3. Download the Workplace Communication Survey PDF to gauge your business's communication needs.