Write for Business Templates

Staring at a blank screen? Unsure what to write? Don’t worry. You can get a Google doc template of a similar letter, memo, or other form from Write for Business.

  1. Make sure you are signed in to your Google Doc account.
  2. Click to open one of the "View Only" templates below.
  3. Go to the "File" menu.
  4. Click on "Make a Copy” to save it to your Google Drive account
  5. Rework the document to suit your writing situation.

Once you’ve perfected your document, you can copy it as a template of your own!

from Chapter 1 Business Writing Trait 1: Ideas

from Chapter 2 Business Writing Trait 2: Organization

from Chapter 3 Business Writing Trait 3: Voice

from Chapter 4 Business Writing Trait 4: Words

from Chapter 5 Business Writing Trait 5: Sentences

from Chapter 6 Business Writing Trait 6: Correctness

from Chapter 7 Business Writing Trait 7: Design

from Chapter 8: Business Writing How To's

from Chapter 9: Writing to Inform

from Chapter 10: Writing Bad News

from Chapter 11: Writing to Persuade

from Chapter 15: Writing Email

from Chapter 16: Writing Letters and Memos

from Chapter 17: Writing Reports

from Chapter 18: Writing Proposals

from Chapter 19: Writing Instructions

from Chapter 20: Developing Presentations

from Chapter 21: Writing Job-Search Documents

from Chapter 22: Management Writing