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According to, employers seek job candidates with strong skills in written and oral communication, conflict resolution, and critical thinking. These soft skills predict workplace success—not only landing the job but getting the promotion.

“Soft skills are key to building relationships, gaining visibility, and creating more opportunities for advancement,” says Kathy Robinson, founder of Boston career-coaching firm TurningPoint.

So, how can you improve these skills, energize your résumé and cover letter, and get the job or promotion? In Write for Business Courses, you’ll learn to

  • write effectively,
  • communicate efficiently,
  • think critically,
  • solve problems creatively, and much more!

In addition to Courses, free weekly eTips keep skills sharp, and the comprehensive reference Guide is only a click away. Get started today! Get started today!

Find out why you should care about your writing and why you can trust Write for Business. You can also check out the research basis for our materials.

How can Courses improve my workplace writing?

I want to advance my career.

Learn about online courses that help you get the job and the promotion.

Write for Business Courses offer you a complete learning experience with self-paced lessons that build skill upon skill. Each lesson features clear instructions, helpful examples, and engaging activities that let you apply your learning in active-writing scenarios. You'll also receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and certification at the successful completion of each course.

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Then work your way through the whole sequence, progressing from basic grammar to advanced communication.

Write for Business Courses are cost-effective ($59.95) and always available with lifetime access. Combined with eTips and the reference Guide, Courses are your go-to resource, whether you are seeking a job, preparing for a promotion, or managing a business. Want to learn more? Take a Course walkthrough.

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How can the Guide answer my workplace-writing questions?

I need to know the right way to write.

Find clear, helpful answers to workplace writing questions--for free.

Your free online Write for Business Guide contains all the help you need:

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