• Who is Thoughtful Learning?

    For more than 40 years, Thoughtful Learning has taught writing, thinking, and communicating in materials for K-12, college, and career. Learn more.

  • Why are soft skills so important?

    So-called "soft skills" give you the ability to communicate, collaborate, and problem-solve, the skills most highly prized by employers. They are really "hard skills" because they take time and effort to develop, but they are all-important for career success. Learn more.

  • What is the skills gap, and what can I do about it?

    Employers seek a certain set of skills that many workers lack—writing, communicating, collaborating, and problem-solving. The Write for Business Guide, eTips, and Courses teach these skills, helping workers succeed on the job and build careers. Learn more.

  • Why should I trust Write for Business?

    For 20 years, Write for Business has set the gold standard for workplace writing instruction. Now, the third edition of its Guide is available free online, and eTips and Courses help you gain even more skills. Learn more.

  • What is your research basis?

    All materials from Write for Business use the seven traits of effective writing, a framework with more than 50 years of research. Learn more.

  • What are the seven traits of business writing?

    The seven traits are a universal set of qualities that effective writing has: ideas, organization, voice, words, sentences, correctness, and design. These traits help writers focus their efforts throughout the writing process, diagnose problems, apply solutions, and discuss writing with others. Learn more.