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Each course begins with an attitudinal survey to measure the learner's confidence with workplace writing, communication, and critical thinking, including perceived strengths and weaknesses. Afterward, participants take a pre-assessment to measure their baseline performance in the skills covered by the course.

Participants then launch into the first learning module, which includes multiple lessons that build from foundational skills to higher-level strategies. Lessons provide clear instruction with practical strategies, helpful examples, insightful videos, and varied activities including multiple choice, matching, sentence completion, and writing prompts for paragraphs and entire documents. Every activity provides scoring and feedback to help participants deepen their learning and find additional supports.

Each module ends with a quiz that checks participants' learning. At the end of the course, an attitudinal survey helps them reflect on their newfound skills and confidence, and a post-assessment measures their overall learning. Successful completion of the course provides learners with a personalized certificate that indicates the Continuing Education Units earned.

These courses work for individual learners seeking to improve their all-important soft skills in order to land a job, work more effectively, and move up the ladder. Lifelong learners not only benefit from stronger writing, communication, and critical thinking skills but also can build their résumés with course accreditation.

These courses also work well for learning and development professionals and professors in higher education. Instructors can provide as much or as little oversight as they wish, simply monitoring the class roster to see scores on quizzes and assessments or drilling down to individual activity responses to see what participants are writing. Instructors can rename and rebrand any course, with the new titles appearing on all student materials and the certificate at the end.

View a full course catalog. Best of all, these courses combat the forgetting curve by training learners to use the free online Write for Business Guide to diagnose problems and apply solutions, use guidelines and checklists to write effective workplace documents, and improve their punctuation, mechanics, grammar, usage, and spelling. Learners can keep their skills sharp by subscribing to free Write for Business eTips, which bring grammar goodies weekly to their inboxes.