Writing for Results

Effective workplace writing communicates your ideas to colleagues and clients, getting them to understand and take action. Effective writing empowers you and gets results.

In this course, you'll learn proven strategies for explaining even complex topics. You'll discover how to persuade the most resistant readers, getting them to take positive action. This course also helps you avoid embarrassing errors.

Clear explanations, examples, and videos teach key concepts, and digital activities for writing and editing help you practice what you learn. Each learning module ends with a wrap-up activity and quiz, and a pre-assessment and post-assessment track your overall learning.

Upon successful completion, you'll receive certification for 1 Continuing Education Unit (CEUs).

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Use the seven traits of writing to evaluate and improve writing
  • Use the writing process: plan, draft, revise, edit
  • Analyze the purpose, reader, and context of each writing situation
  • Write effective explanations and instructions
  • State a clear main point and use levels of detail to support it
  • Use transitions to organize details in an effective pattern
  • Employ lists and headings to make explanations clear
  • State a clear position and build an argument to support it
  • Make appropriate appeals to convince readers
  • Reach even resistant readers by answering objections
  • Use the AIDA organizational pattern to persuade
  • Ensure pronoun-antecedent and subject-verb agreement
  • Recognize and fix sentence errors such as fragments and dangling modifiers
  • Write effectively for your supervisor
  • Use revising and editing checklists to strengthen and polish writing
  • Understand how to use WRITEforBUSINESS.com in your workplace

Table of Contents

  • Using the Write for Business Guide
  • Pre-Assessment

Module 1: Understanding Results-Oriented Writing

  • Using the Traits and Process
  • Using Plain Language
  • Establishing Your Purpose
  • Understanding Your Reader
  • Analyzing the Context
  • Lesson Wrap-Up
  • Quiz

Module 2: Explaining

  • Stating Your Main Point
  • Using Levels of Detail
  • Organizing with Transitions
  • Organizing with Lists
  • Organizing with Headings
  • Relating Good/Bad News
  • Lesson Wrap-Up
  • Quiz

Module 3: Persuading

  • Reviewing Your Learning
  • Stating Your Position
  • Making Appropriate Appeals
  • Reaching Resistant Readers
  • Calling the Reader to Act
  • Writing to Persuade
  • Lesson Wrap-Up
  • Quiz

Module 4: Avoiding Errors

  • Making Subjects and Verbs Agree
  • Making Pronouns and Antecedents Agree
  • Fixing Fragments
  • Fixing Faulty Sentences
  • Avoiding Sentence Shifts
  • Fixing Ambiguous Wording
  • Lesson Wrap-Up
  • Quiz

Module 5: Writing for Results at Work

  • Writing for Your Supervisor
  • Using Revision Strategies
  • Revising with a Checklist
  • Editing with a Checklist
  • Post-Assessment

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