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Executive Writing
Executive Writing
Executive Writing
Executive Writing
Executive Writing
Executive Writing
Executive Writing
Executive Writing
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Executive Writing uses the seven traits of effective writing to help participants improve their own work and the writing of those they manage. The traits help participants diagnose problems and apply specific strategies to remedy them. They learn to analyze each writing situation, craft a clear main point, support it with key details, and communicate using plain language. They also write important management forms such as policies, procedures, responses to official inquiries, and executive summaries.

You can provide as much or as little oversight as you wish. Track participants' scores on pre- and post-assessments, review their quizzes and activities, or drill down to individual responses. You can also brand this course with your own title, organization name, and logo, which appear on participant materials and the final certification for 1.0 CEU.

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Course Objectives

Upon completion of Executive Writing, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Use the seven traits to improve their writing
  • Prepare effective executive documents that use plain language and achieve the results they want
  • Analyze each writing situation, craft a clear main point, and support it with details that readers need
  • Use different patterns of organization to inform, break bad news, and persuade readers
  • Effectively manage the writing tasks of others
  • Diagnose problems, make improvements, and foster writing that is clear, concise, complete, and correct
  • Energize sentences, correct errors, and produce polished messages that communicate effectively
  • Use resources to continually improve writing, revising, and editing skills

Table of Contents

  • Pre-Assessment
  • Module 1: The Traits and Process of Writing
  • Module 2: Planning
  • Module 3: Drafting and Revising
  • Module 4: Editing
  • Post-Assessment

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