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Grammar for Professionals
Grammar for Professionals
Grammar for Professionals
Grammar for Professionals
Grammar for Professionals
Grammar for Professionals
Grammar for Professionals
Grammar for Professionals
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This course uses a sentence-composing approach to target the most common and serious errors in workplace communication. Instead of learning rules in isolation, you’ll use them right away in your own writing. Grammar for Professionals helps you write complete, correct, and clear sentences; use parallel structure; and avoid sentence errors. You’ll also review punctuation, capitalization, and commonly confused words—and much more.

Clear explanations, examples, and videos teach key concepts, and digital activities for writing and editing help you practice what you learn. Each learning module ends with a quiz, and a pre- and post-assessment track your overall learning.

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Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Employ standard grammar and usage in writing
  • Construct clear and correct sentences
  • Recognize when to use different sentence structures for different purposes
  • Use plain language and eliminate deadwood and jargon
  • Understand and employ parallel structure
  • Avoid common errors by correctly applying rules and guidelines
  • Identify subjects and verbs
  • Recognize singular and plural subjects and verbs
  • Correct subject-verb agreement errors
  • Convert passive sentences to active voice
  • Use pronouns correctly, including subject, object, and possessive pronouns
  • Determine if pronouns agree with their antecedents
  • Correct misplaced and dangling modifiers
  • Use correct punctuation and capitalization
  • Understand how to use the Write for Business Guide in your workplace

Table of Contents

  • Pre-Assessment
  • Module 1: Understanding Grammar
  • Module 2: Writing Complete Sentences
  • Module 3: Writing Agreeable Sentences
  • Module 4: Writing Correct Sentences
  • Module 5: Writing Clear Sentences
  • Module 6: Using the Correct Word
  • Module 7: Applying Grammar Skills
  • Post-Assessment

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