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The set includes the Writing for Results Participant Guide, the print edition of Write for Business (with free online access), and the Grammar at a Glance Job Aid.

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The Writing for Results course will help you write effective documents, whether you need to explain a topic, give instructions, or persuade your reader. You’ll find that writing can empower you to do your job more quickly and easily, getting you the results that you want.

Clear explanations and examples teach key concepts, and activities for writing and editing help you practice what you learn. Each lesson ends with a wrap-up activity and quiz, and a pre- and post-assessment track your overall learning.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Use the seven traits of writing to evaluate and improve writing
  • Use the writing process: prewrite, draft, revise, refine
  • Analyze the purpose, reader, and context of each writing situation
  • Organize writing to fit the writing situation
  • Use plain language to communicate clearly in writing
  • Write effective explanations and instructions
  • State a clear main point and use levels of detail to support it
  • Use transitions to organize details in an effective pattern
  • Employ lists, headings, and graphics to make explanations clear
  • State a clear position and build an argument from it
  • Make appropriate appeals to convince readers
  • Reach even resistant readers
  • Use the AIDA organizational pattern to persuade
  • Learn strategies for writing for a supervisor
  • Use a suite of resources to write more effectively

Course Materials

  • Meyer, V., Sebranek, P., & Van Rys, J. (2021). Writing for Results (Participant’s Guide). Lake Geneva, WI: Thoughtful Learning.
  • Meyer, V., Sebranek, P., & Van Rys, J. (2021). Grammar at a Glance (Job Aid). Lake Geneva, WI: Thoughtful Learning.
  • Meyer, V., Sebranek, P., & Van Rys, J. (2011). Write for Business (Handbook). Burlington, WI: UpWrite Press.
  • Meyer, V., Sebranek, P., & Van Rys, J. (2021). Write for Business (Guide). Lake Geneva, WI: Thoughtful Learning, writeforbusiness.com/guide (free online).

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